Blade Kitten FAQ


Do I need Episode 1 to play Episode 2?

YES. Episode 2 is a DLC (Down-loadable content) expansion pack that completes the story of Episode 1, so you will need to own the original game. Furthermore you’ll need to have the Steam version on PC as it’s the only version of the game that we’re currently supporting.


Can I play Episode 2 on PS3 or Xbox 360?

Not at this time. For the moment we’re only supporting the Steam PC version of the game.  There’s only a few of us working on this part time and we just don’t have the resources at the moment. We hope that sometime in the future we can bring Episode 2 to PS3 and Xbox 360… maybe even other platforms.


What about Mac or Linux?

Same deal as above – though the chances are slightly higher since it’s a little more affordable to develop for those platforms.


Why has Episode 2 taken so long to come out?

The DLC was mostly completed and ready to come out a few weeks after we shipped the first episode but the publisher at the time decided they didn’t want to release it. Since it’s an expansion to Episode 1, it couldn’t be released on its own… so we were had to wait until the IP rights returned to us, which happened in 2014.. So ever since then, we’ve been working away with a small group of people in whatever spare time we could muster to get the game actually shippable.


How do I change costumes?

From the PAUSE SCREEN select “Breaker Info” and then “Costumes”. You’ll find a selection of free costumes if you scroll the selection to the far right.


Where do I find the Hollow Wish comic?

You can find the PDF in the Blade Kitten Steam install directory.

If you’re not sure where that is you can find it by going to the details page for Blade Kitten in your Steam Library. In the left hand column, right click on Blade Kitten and then select ”Properties”.

You’ll get a pop up window with a number of tabs across the top. Select “LOCAL FILES” and then pick the top button “BROWSE LOCAL FILES”.

The comic will be there as “Blade Kitten Hollow Wish Edition.pdf”


I’m still having problems with full screen resolutions?

We are hopeful that we have resolved these issues with the new code update that will be released for all users, with the launch of Episode 2. However, as a work around for anybody who is still having full screen resolution issues, we have implemented borderless window mode, as a command line option.

In the Properties panel for Blade Kitten, click “set launch option” and use the following commandline:

• noborder x=0 y=0

This will create a window at the top left of your screen, at whatever resolution you have set as your “window” resolution in the graphics settings

You can then use the x= and y= offsets to change the position of the borderless window

It will not remember the last window position, so that you don’t accidentally “lose” the position

Borderless window mode supports minimize and maximize via the system menu


How do I choose a different language?

The game selects the appropriate language, based off the Steam language setting (in Steam Preferences -> Interface)

If Steam is set to a language that doesn’t exist in the game, it will default to English

The game supports English (with full VO) and subtitles for  French, German, Spanish and Italian


Is there background gamepad support?

There’s another command line that will turn on background gamepad support – so you could (eg) run the game on one screen with gamepad, while somebody else is doing something on the 2nd monitor with keyboard/mouse

Add the following to the launch options (with a space between any other options):

• MKBackgroundGamepad


Also check out the Steam forums for the latest information on updates and bugs.


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